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Misconduct Complaints Against Federal Judges

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I've had many requests to discuss your options for Misconduct Complaints against federal judges.

It can be argued that federal judges are the most important aspect of having a citizenry that has liberty and freedom. They are the protectors of the Constitution of the United States.

Federal judges have many duties, including ensuring fair proceedings and making decisions far from political influence or external pressures. They must maintain judicial independence to ensure their decisions are based on the laws and facts rather than personal and political considerations.

The vast majority of judges are honest and have integrity, but some lie, hide their lack of independence, help their constituents, and let them submit false documents.

This is a famous federal case where I was Pro Se.

Many articles have been written about this case; there's currently a book and a screenplay in production.

Bonavito v Harvard University

All the facts, in this case, are based on an actual transcript from the Hearing where Federal District Court Judge William G. Young ignored the plaintiff's pleadings, harassed the Pro Se litigant, hid his relationship with his alma mater, Harvard, let Harvard's lawyers submit false and fake documents in their Motion and the Hearing and then relied on that to dismiss the case.

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