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NJ Court Testimony

We have over twenty-five years of NJ court testimony experience, testifying in a variety of matters. In order to help your case, Robert A. Bonavito, CPA - A Professional Corporation has experience in eight key areas: 

  1. Technical Expertise. Just as a traditional CPA must be proficient in auditing, accounting, and tax work, so must a forensic accountant. Yet unlike traditional accounting, forensic accounting is investigative and must withstand intense scrutiny and challenge by opposition. Therefore, we bring an enhanced skill set to the engagement.
  2. Experience. We have over twenty-five years of experience.
  3. Credibility, Independence, Objectivity, High Ethical Standards. These qualities all make for a credible expert and a strong witness. We will listen to counsel regarding a case, but will weigh-out the strengths and weaknesses to formulate an independent opinion. Such credibility helps us support a convincing argument with a judge and jury.
  4. Court-Wise. We have demonstrated strong oral communication skills on the stand, as well as the ability to effectively simplify complex information. Our appearance and demeanor add to those court-wise strengths.
  5. Communication Skills. We will condense and simplify complicated information and present it in terms that are easy to understand. Both verbal and written skills are key to successfully interpreting financial information. We are comfortable with oral evidence and demonstrate the natural ability to convey an opinion to attorneys, judges, and juries.
  6. Listening Skills. Listening is the other half of the communication equation, and is critical on the stand and during cross-examination in a trial. We will answer questions without “volunteering” information. In addition, as skilled forensic accountants we will listen to the opposing counsels expert opinions and know how to contrast those points on a professional level without being unpleasantly confrontational or argumentative.
  7. Foresight. As knowledgeable, quick-thinking experts we have the ability to look beyond the analytical details to grasp the bigger picture.
  8. Investigative Intuitiveness. As forensic accountants we don’t just crunch numbers; we also apply well-honed gumshoe skills to uncover clues and facts. Because the work is part detective, we must apply strong discovery skills and piece together information toward a solution—a talent that is both learned, and sharpened through experience. 

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